Tourmaline Treasures & Miklin Gems-------All the Colors of the Rainbow

About Us

Tourmaline Treasures  and Miklin Gems is not just about tourmaline but many other colored species such as beryls, garnets, amethysts etc. We also have a serious collection of designer cabochons which are great for wire-wrapping. We also  sell interesting minerals such as charoite and uvarovite . Our jewelry offerings include pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings. We have a small studio-store in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. Linda, one of the owners does most of the cutting  of gems and also the necklaces. Mike, the other owner is a gemmologist GIA-GG and FCGmA and does the settings, color analysis, identification and internet marketing. We trust that you will love our stuff. On our site we focus primarily on  10K and 14K Gold jewelry. We have many more examples of Sterling Silver jewelry in our store.   Unfortunately, we do not ship or sell to the United States. We can be reached at A good day to you.